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Visit of Bishop Nathan Amooti from Rwanda

Added: 18th May 2019

It was so good to welcome Bishop Nathan to St John's on Wednesday evening 15th May 2019. The evening began with the 'Sing for Joy' choir singing two songs as the people gathered in the church. The worship band then led the congregation in three songs and the evening was then given entirely to Richard Wallis from Mission Possible UK and Bishop Nathan

Richard took time to explain the work of MPUK in Rwanda and other countries and did this with the aid of a Powerpoint slide show. He briefly explained the events of the genocide in 1994 but then went on to talk about how the people of Rwanda have shown forgiveness towards each other and reconciled so that the country can move forward.

Bishop Nathan told stories of simply buying a field a few years after 1994 and then trusting God for the finances to build a school. Star School now has over 1000 pupils and is known for its excellence in the area. Some of the first children to attend the school are now heading towards graduation and are ready to take their places in the infrastructure of the country to continue Rwanda's journey towards the modern world.

Bishop Nathan has recently been appointed as Presiding Bishop of the Kigali Diocese and his enthronement will take place on August 11th in the Cathedral. He was previously Bishop of the Cyangugu Diocese.

If anyone would like to sponsor a child through Star School (for the cost of a cream tea per month) then please get in touch with Mary H - either directly or through the church office - and she will give you the necessary information.

Please continue to pray for the people of Rwanda and particularly for Bishop Nathan.