Flipside specialise in the development of interactive, data driven websites. One of the main types of website we develop are e-commerce websites, or “online shops”. See our portfolio for examples of our e-commerce websites in action.

Some of our clients have quite a lot of technical knowledge, others have very little, and most fall somewhere in the middle. Flipside can handle every aspect of the planning, development and delivery of your website, including the following:

Identifying the purposes and scope of your website
For an e-commerce website, decisions need to be made about how to display your products depending on the type of item you are selling. You may be wanting to sell a high volume of low-cost products for which a single photo and brief descirption suffice - price is king here. If you are selling high quality, expensive items you will need to display several photos and give an extensive description.

Defining the data and developing a suitable structure for this
Whatever type of data you have, we will define a structure for it and set-up the storage method for this. Sometimes data is held directly in files, most often it is stored in a database.

Linking your website with others via datafeeds and APIs
Increasingly, websites are sharing their data. With an e-commerce website you will need to interface with a payment provider such as Sage Pay, PayPal or directly to your bank’s solution. You might want to let affiliates or websites such as Google Products or eBay view you products. We can develop all of these data exchange mechanisms for you.

Hosting and backing-up your website and data
On our own servers, or those provided by a third party, we can manage the online availablility of your website and keep regular, archived backups of your files and data.

Graphic Design
Most of the graphic design of our client’s website is done by Flipside, with proofs being made available online as the work progresses. We also have the option of outsourcing larger jobs to local design agencies.

Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing
Whilst our websites are designed to be read easily by search engines, if you require further analysis of search terms and website traffic, we recommend using the services of E-Strategy in Torquay.

View our portfolio.

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