Flipside Web Design have been designing and developing websites since 1996. The internet and the web have grown and changed at an amazing rate during this period with new technologies, services and websites springing up seemingly out of nowhere.

Flipside specialise in the development of interactive, data driven websites. That is, websites which draw on a source of information such as product details, customer records, property information, user feedback - the list really is endless. Whatever data you have to represent, we can plan, develop and deploy the website for you.

There are a number of different understandings of the phrase 'Web 2.0'. It's often applied to blogs and community sites, but to me that's what the original use of the web was - people sharing their information with each other. Another definition is less about content and more about technology. When you click-and-drag on an online map you can move your view of the map directly. This really represents progress over the old way of repeatedly clicking on direction buttons.

It's this sort of interactivity which will drive the web forward over the next few years. Flipside are excited about the potential of this and enjoy creating interactive features for clients websites. The example to the right, from the Lovell Soccer website, is a good example of the usefulness of interactivity, intuitively offering instantaneous search results. Try it for yourself by clicking on the images.

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